1. Tune Up Your Brain!

What possibilities might open to you if you were more peaceful, present and functioning in your fullest potential?

Learn ways your body can allow greater access your Innate Wisdom and talents.

Tune up your brain, so you more consistently and optimally listen, speak, read, write, move, relax, breathe and take action. Experience the joy of aligning your mind and body for optimal ability to live in choice versus reaction to people and events.

We will be doing simple, non-aerobic activities designed to switch on the brain the way nature does…through movement.

As a participant, you can
1. Come away with the ability to apply targeted activities to wake up your brain for greater ease in learning.
2. Develop a greater ability to notice and interrupt ineffective physical, mental and emotional patterns, so you no longer reinforce what is not working.
3. Learn a 6 step process that begins to activate or establish neural pathways that support successful skill building.
4. Know how to practice these tools and activities so, like learning to ride a bicycle, the neurological changes that you achieve can become permanent.

To see what happened for one woman in a seminar like this, go to Testimonial #7 in Rave Reviews – Adults.

To see what happened for a child after a few private sessions, check out Testimonial #1 in Rave Reviews – Children and Young People.

This flier has all the details for the the upcoming seminar in Grants Pass. If you are interested in this seminar for your school or group please contact me to explore the possibilities of tailoring it to your community.

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2. Help a Child Succeed

Do you have or know a child who struggles with reading, writing, focusing, enunciating or getting along with others?

In this experiential class, you will learn movement-based learning ways to assist a child in transforming his or her learning or behavior challenges.

For parents, teachers and therapists.

September 17, 2018

Free Monday Night Lecture
Ashland Food Coop
Community Classroom
237 N. First Street
Ashland, OR 97520

6:00 – 8:00 PM