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Jo Anna Shaw, MBA — Author, Poet, Mind-Body Coach

Mind-Body Coaching® empowers you to overcome blocks to success in school, at work and in relationships. It enables you to master effective communication, leadership, academic and life skills — Experience for yourself a facilitated self-help solution that works.

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My New Book!

Design and Live the Life You Love: A Guide for Living in Your Power and Fulfilling Your Purpose

Blending my adventure of overcoming adversity with lessons learned, poetry and practical tools that enable you, the reader, to triumph over blocks to success, this is a must read if you want to trust and follow the calling of your heart and are seeking self-help that works.


Rave Reviews

“Jo Anna is the real deal in my book….gentle, knowledgeable, firm, experienced, and most importantly, a safe container for holding all that is unsafe until it is resolved, healed and no longer unsafe. I recommend Jo Anna with no reservations.”

“Working with Jo Anna as a partner helped make my dream become a reality.”

“The most amazing difference is my sense of personal power. I feel a sense of self worth and the power to make choices…and Jo Anna has helped my children be successful in their relationships and learning at school.”