Writing My Book Helped Me Heal

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I initially wrote “Design and Live the Life You Love: A Guide for Living in Your Power and Fulfilling Your Purpose” for myself. Writing it helped me heal in ways I didn’t know I would. It awakened my ability to write poetry and gave me the courage to merge my poetry with memoir and self-help tools that helped me. I offer it to a wide audience now so others might benefit from what I have experienced.

On my website, is a Free Preview PDF file that contains the opening pages through the first chapter and also includes the closing chapter. You receive it when you subscribe to my blog/newsletter, which support you in designing and living the life you love, so you bring your Best Self to activities at home and work.

I emphasize the word YOU because many of us have had crossroads moments where we wake up and discover that we have been living the dreams of others and have lost sight of our own in the process. My content is inspired by crossroads moments clients bring to their sessions with me or by my own crossroads moments.

Every so often as I reflect on living the life I love, I send a tip, story, poem and an inspirational quote, all designed to help you mine your Inner Treasure at crossroads moments.

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Thank you for reading and sharing my posts, for making comments and asking questions.

May You Design and Live the Life You Love.
Jo Anna

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