Who Have You Thanked Recently?

Quote of the Day: “Your gratitude to your brother is the only gift I want.” ACIM

soaring_eagleI was inspired to write this poem after receiving a call from my accountant who is retiring this year. When I hung up the phone a bald eagle flew by my window, the first I have seen in 12 years of living here. I sent it to him and post it here to celebrate the power of sharing gratitude. Who have you thanked recently?

for Chuck

low flying bald eagle
heading east
first sighting
in twelve years of living here

I hang up the phone
after tearful congratulations and appreciations
with my tax accountant
who called to say
how much he valued our once a year
intimate sharing of life challenges and blessings

he tried to say good-bye
as he started to cry

don’t run away, I said
I’m not afraid of your feelings

a few more words
promises of big hugs when I arrive
papers in hand
for our last laughter-filled meeting

happy good-byes

low flying bald eagle
six foot wingspan
white crown
white under-tail feathers
breathtaking closeness

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