When Life Doesn’t Go Your Way

tree-hugQuote of the Moment: “Out of your use of awareness comes all that you experience.” JAS – Clue #12, Design and Live the Life You Love

How do you Design and Live the Live You Love when life doesn’t go as you desire?

Recently, I turned to meditation, yoga, nature and watching children play, with the intention of mining the wisdom from my experience. I am grateful for the poetic moments that arise in these times, giving me perspectives I am unable to access when I am grieving or angry. Check this one out.

The Morning After

I awaken,
do yoga,
have breakfast,
brush my teeth and shower,
check headlines,
drive to Aikido class.

On the way,
the fog lifts and parts at the moment
the sun peaks above distant mountains
backlighting wispy white cloud cover.

At the dojo,
I bow in,
step onto the empty mat
and warm up,
preparing for a quiet
focused time
of finding safety in closeness,
blending with what comes my way
and applying techniques
that direct the energy
of my partner
toward surrender.

I walk the creek of Lithia Park.
The trees seem to stand taller
and straighter this morning,
some bare,
some green as ever.
The air is damp and crisp.
Leaves gently and silently floating
land flat, sideways, upright and stacked
on naked bushes,
some drift downstream,
others cover the path in various shades of yellow,
all falling away,
from their once vibrant fullness.

Two women pass me by
– a mother/daughter,
perhaps just friends –
in deep conversation,
the elder speaking
as they walk closer,
You just need to accept –
some things you cannot change –
choose the high road –
go for co-parenting.
I chuckle to myself remembering,
It is best not to make assumptions.

The water flows.
Mallards paddle the surface
diving for delicacies.
Construction crews carve
a nearby hillside
making space for new buildings.
A maintenance man sweeps the,
soon to be, ice rink.
A father asks his little boy,
Do you want to swing?
With only a slight hesitation,
he runs to the slide
to be with other children his age
unaware of and not thinking about
what his future holds.

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