When Change Occurs – Be With The G A P

angel-cloudsQuote of the Moment: “If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.” Lao Tzu

I close my book, “Design and Live the Life You Love: A Guide for Living in Your Power and Fulfilling Your Purpose”, with this poem entitled The G A P. It came after contemplating what to do after publishing the book. Periodically, I find myself reciting it silently as I think about what to do with the present day. I share it when others relate stories of having a difficult time making a decision at a crossroads moment.

In this election season, I find it nourishing. It is my reminder to live peacefully in each moment, one of the qualities I desire to master as I design and live the life I love.


The G a p

Be with
the g a p
between endings
and beginnings.

a no-time remembrance
before lumbering into
more doing.

Enter your cave
hibernate with the bear inside you
allow stores of fat and thick fur
to gestate yearnings.

Let your next cycle
be more
than habitual wanderings
grabbing more berries and meat.

Harness the natural rhythm
that awakens deep dreamers
and births new ways of being
come spring.

Whether it is the springtime of the year or the springtime energy that initiates new activities at any time of the year, I find being with the gap between endings and beginnings allows my next steps to arise naturally from my Innate Intelligence. When I do this well, my outcomes are much more pleasurable than those arising from my ego/reflex to do something.

I invite you to play with this and let me know how it works for you?
Are your results different?
How are you different?
What creative energy do you find there?

Blessings, Jo Anna

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  2. Good Morning JoAnna
    I can so identify, and believe I am proceeding in the same vain your poem, has suggested.
    The Gap I am in at the moment, is Allowing verses Doing. Allowing the rendition of my doing life to melt away. It is creating a great deal of confusion, and discomfort, when practicing allowing. Meditation is getting easier and I’m going for longer periods. The Practice of sitting and listening without doing is much more difficult. So I do sit here in my cave and practice.
    Deep inside of me I know this is the process of unhooking from the Doer. Everything in me wants to distract, and I know that is not where I want to go. I’m at a point in my life, where I want to make more Authentic Choices. Getting there requires that I reach deeper levels of consciousness. Connecting to the Sal before the socializing game began. This is requiring a great deal of patience, and compassion on my part. So yes!!! I am in my cave, practicing the tools that will allow me to transcend the Doing rendition of life.
    I have never been here before. Allowing without a clue where my Spirit wants to go from here, at times takes every bit of patience I own. I am committed to transcend this relationship. Live a life that is being created from inside of me.
    Blessing my friend as we travel the Yellow Brick Road… We are worth it.

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    Thank You for such an in-depth share Sal. Hooray for you. I admire your willingness to explore the empty, creative space from which all you desire arises. I see you following the Inner Prompts that feel feel fun and peaceful.

  4. Thank you, Jo Anna! I really enjoy reading this poem periodically as it reminds me how important honoring my own path and pace is rather than comparing them unfavorably to someone else’s.

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    Thank you, Lorna, for sharing how you re-read this poem periodically. May it lead you to mine an abundance of creativity and joy.

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