What You CAN Do – When it Seems Like there is Nothing You Can Do

How do you use your thoughts and words when you speak about the turbulence in the world?

When you speak against someone or something in judgment, your focus is on what you don’t want. As a result you contribute to the negativity and create more of what you don’t want. The fighting mentality approach to resolving challenges in the world is not working. It only creates more division, separation and conflict.

Try this.

Ask a friend to present their hand so you can push on it.
What happens when you push?
They push back!
It is natural to resist or fight against pressure that is aggressive.

Truly Make a Difference.

In Aikido and on my spiritual path, I am taught to harmonize with, protect and call forth what is already wise and loving in all. I use my meditations, my verbal and written communications and actions to accomplish this. I do not join in groups that use fighting language or actions to create change.

In letter writing,
I don’t cut and paste pre-written scripts. Instead of saying, “I am outraged…”, I keep it short, simple and speak to the facts. For example: “Our forests and water ecosystems are necessary for the health of our planet. They must be preserved for our quality of life and that of future generations. You were elected to fulfill this mission. Please act in the best interests of all to preserve our earth.”

In prayer or meditation,
stop battling a busy mind that would have you feel like a victim by replaying the latest negative news flash. Move your body to quiet your mind. Go for a walk. Do some Brain Gym®, yoga or Tai Chi. From a peaceful place, enter prayer or meditation. Imagine yourself as a brilliant diamond of crystal white light radiating a rainbow of color, knowing this represents the Love That You Are.

Use a focused meditation when you want to influence a positive outcome.
While in meditation, imagine the leader(s) of a nation or a company as a brilliant diamond of crystal white light radiating a rainbow of color that represents the Love That They Are. Affirm that they remember their soul’s purpose and take action from compassion for the greater good of all. Detach from the outcome you want. Just focus on the image knowing Love only creates Love.

This is how we align with our Innate Power and contribute to the creation of positive outcomes. It is how we affect outcomes on an energy or spiritual level; the level at which all exists before coming into form. We do this in addition to the more concrete actions we take to bring about peace in our world.

Statistics support the power of focused prayer and meditation.

By meditating daily, you will find yourself feeling much happier and will be joining a growing community of people who pray and meditate daily knowing that they are making a difference.

Engage from the Energy You Want to Create.

If anger escalates anger. Know that Love escalates Love. Choose to see the Light of Love in all. Hold the vision that they remember the truth of who they are.

To hold this vision with detachment, feeling confident that Love is all there is, regardless of outer appearances, requires that each one of us do the personal development work our crossroads moments invite. Design and Live the Life You Love: A Guide for Living in Your Power and Fulfilling Your Purpose is a resource that can help with this piece.

James O’Dea’s book Cultivating Peace: Becoming a Twenty-first Century Peace Ambassador is another resource that is useful for the activists of this world. I highly recommend it.

If you find detaching, imagining the above picture, quieting your mind or acting from a peaceful, direct presence difficult, contact me for a Mind-Body® Coaching Balance. Just a few balances can work wonders toward mastering these skills.

Thank you for doing what you CAN do.

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  1. My partner and I were just talking about this a few minutes ago! We recognize the importance of not jumping on the fear and anger bandwagon but choosing instead to focus on the love and peace that Is the core of all life.

    Your suggestions are timely and welcome. We really appreciate your willingness to share your wisdom, that we may trust our innate sense of what feels right, regardless of appearances.

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