What if You Don’t Want to (or Can’t) Do It Like You’ve Done Before?

Quote of the Moment: “You are either living your mission, or you are living someone else’s. Which shall it be?” — Laurie Beth Jones

Last month at the local poetry night, a poet eloquently captured the block I and other audience members had been experiencing since the end of the year. The essence of his poem was an insight that perhaps his block was a calling to say things differently — more truthfully, directly, authentically.

My last several clients have used similar words when expressing their struggle or dissatisfaction with work, relationships or world events — I don’t want to do it like I have before. And, when will we learn from the past?

Recently, I decided to hold a two hour seminar, once a week for six weeks, at our local Osher Life Long Learning Institute (OLLI). I entered this project with the same thought, I don’t want to do this like I’ve done it before — while not sure whether I meant changing what I present or how I present.

This time in history is offering many crossroads moments, which are invitations to “Design and Live the Life You Love”. For me, this means finding a deeper level of comfort with being vulnerable, authentic, playful and present, while exploring a new way.

What are you bringing to your work and relationships? Do you want a different result than what you have been experiencing? Are you wondering what else is possible?

We have all (and I don’t use generalizations unconsciously) been conditioned to fit into a society that is set up to distract us from our Innate Power, Intelligence and Knowing. Historically, our motivations have originated from practicing what we have adopted from others, or from rebelling against our family, school or societal systems. I believe the chaotic reflection we see in world events today is inviting that we stop, reflect and choose a new way. I also believe that the new way arises out of embracing the personal growth that will enable us to be effective in engaging the challenges of today.

Instead of feeling frustrated, confused, afraid, sad or angry when you hear the news or see increasing numbers of homeless on our streets, what might you be were you to begin with simple steps to make a different choice? Would you be more conscious about what you listen to or watch? Would you contribute your time and energy to your own piece of mind with the intention of bringing a greater perspective or more creativity to doing what you can do at home, in the local community or as a voice for peace online.

What energy of you might you bring to your crossroads moments were you to spend more time in nature, meditate in the quiet hours of morning and night, say yes when you mean yes and no when you mean no, write from a new voice, problem solve after doing something playful to switch on your creative brain pattern or read a new book, like “Design and Live the Life You Love”.

I am asking myself these same questions and encouraging myself to stay open and willing to blossom a more playful, peaceful and present approach to life and living. Will you join me?

You were born with a purpose. Your Authentic Self can blossom in new and more expressive ways now, like the new blossoms emerging this spring. What possibilities might unfold were you to allow it?

Many Blessings, Jo Anna

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  1. Thank you, Jo Anna! I have been struggling with the issue of wanting to live a different perspective of myself for years. I have recently adopted the gentler approach of being open and willing and feel this is key to making desired changes. Thank you for your wisdom and willingness to share your experience; it helps me know I am not alone in this and am on a kinder, more effective path in allowing a Greater Truth to express through me.

  2. Post

    Thank you for sharing Lorna. Enjoy what comes from following this thread of desire. Many Blessings, Jo Anna

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