The Trust Factor Part 2 – Self Trust the Foundation of Relationship Trust

trust_actionQuote of the Day: “The agenda that generally inspires the greatest trust is seeking mutual benefit–genuinely wanting the best for everyone involved…The behavior that creates credibility and inspires trust is acting in the best interest of others.” Steven M.R. Covey

Since I had a request for more on the topic of trust, this post takes the subject further.

Self-trust is the Foundation of Relationship Trust.

People with a high degree of self-trust are confident, competent, consistent and caring.

Confident, they sit and stand tall, walk with presence, speak with authority and are comfortable letting others have the spotlight. They are open to new ideas that may cause them to rethink their values and perspective.

Competent, they know their job well or proactively seek training and guidance. They are genuinely open to learning new ways of doing things. They are teachable no matter how much experience they have.

Consistent, what they think and feel, they say and do. In other words, they walk their talk. They make and keep commitments. People can rely on them because they have an impeccable history of being present and following through.

Caring, they genuinely have the best interests and wellbeing of others in mind and heart and demonstrate it by their actions. Motivation to help arises from an inner self-love that grows as they provide service to others.

How do you demonstrate the four C’s of self-trust?

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