The Projection Dilemma

Quote of the Moment: “Your ability to see with innocent perception arises when you recognize that everyone wears a projector on their head, much of the time. Awareness of Projection Dilemma dynamics puts you in a position of choice, which is a quality of living in your Power.” — Jo Anna Shaw, “Design and Live the Life You Love”

The Projection Dilemma

The Projection Dilemma is the source of thoughts, feelings and actions that are out of proportion to a situation.

We all react or respond based on our own unique perception. We take in occurrences through all our senses. The brain compares real-time sights, sounds, smells and sensations to the history files stored in the deepest parts of our brain. From that information we form a judgment and project that thought onto the current situation. Then we respond based upon our interpretation and projection.

In other words, when interacting with someone whose words, body language and/or tone sound or look like a person or event from your past, and you react using strategies that kept you safe back then, it is as if you are seeing through the eyes of your childhood expertise, mistaking the boss for your parent or abusive sibling. This is what I call The Projection Dilemma.

Picture a person with an old movie projector as a head. Without being aware of it, we project memories of difficult experiences on the screen of current situations, reacting to present circumstances as if they were the past.” (See picture at top of page.)

Everyone projects. Either one or both people can mis-perceive situations or conversations. The Projection Dilemma happens to all of us.

The Projection Dilemma and Projection, Inc.

When you fall into the Projection Dilemma, you have resigned Me, Inc. and have gone to work for the competition, Projection, Inc. Unlike Me, Inc., its movie is an action packed drama where everyone is on a covert mission is to sabotage success. At Projection, Inc., when change happens or when things don’t go as planned compassion, empowerment and trust go right out the window replaced by frustration, gossip, finger pointing and forced solutions.

Don’t beat yourself up if you notice you are suddenly working for Projection, Inc. Awareness and acceptance put you back at the helm of Me, Inc.

To stay CEO of Me, Inc.:

1. Take a time out or reschedule when you need time to think about things before responding.
2. Repeat what someone said in your own words and ask if you understood them correctly.
3. Think, “Listen and learn” when you want to interrupt someone.
4. Manage your emotions by slowing down your breathing and putting your tongue on the roof of your mouth when you feel like you want to run away or punch someone.
5. Smile and say good morning no matter how busy you are.
6. Practice the Q.T.I.P. principle (Quit Taking It Personally) and don’t be offended if someone fails to greet you.

Consider writing about, How do you know when you are working for Projection, Inc. and when you are working for Me, Inc.?

My intention for exposing the Projection Dilemma is to inspire compassion for why people talk and act the way they do and to assist you in connecting with the potential for your own Projection Dilemma’s undoing.

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