Adult Reviews

1. Client Goals: To Deliver a Book Talk and Make Cold Calls with Confidence

“In the past, I experienced a distinct difference between giving a talk and when I am coaching or facilitating a workshop. I feel relaxed and natural in my coaching and facilitating role, but when I would give a book talk, I would notice that I felt awkward and self-conscious. I definitely felt intimidated about giving a talk at Bloomsbury. I had a similar feeling of insecurity when making calls to venues to ask to do presentation at a new location.


The activities that Jo Anna Shaw did with me were really helpful. I used them before my book talk at Bloomsbury and really noticed a distinct shift with being able to give my talk. I felt more comfortable, natural and relaxed as I feel when I am coaching or facilitating with a group, I had an improved level of confidence, even though I was also being video taped, which has always been really challenging for me. I felt much more comfortable with the video too.

Why Recommend?

It was really a shift for me. Thank you so much for your support. I would love for you to use my testimonial, because you’re definitely gifted in what you do and more people need to experience you.”

Tracie S. – Williams, OR

2. Client Goals: To Enhance Memory for Test Taking and Regain Personal Power after a Car Accident

“Before my first session I was experiencing memory loss, brain fog, depression, anxiey and a sense of having no personal power.


My car Accident happened 3 weeks before massage school finals. One week before finals after chiropractor sessions my neck still hurt and I had difficulty studying and remembering what was learned for the final exam. In the session, the neck pain went away.

Three weeks later via email: “I’ve graduated with straight A’s. My neck pain has never returned! It is amazing, I have told so many people about it. Thank you so much.”

Since then, my memory has continued to improved and my brain fog is gone. The most amazing difference is my sense of personal power. I feel a sense of self worth and the power to make choices that bring me more happiness in life. My anxiety and depression are gone.
Favorite Part of A Session?

My favorite part of the session is how different I feel at the end than when I started. Jo Anna helps me take all my scattered parts and bring them back together again. She helps me feel whole!

Why Recommend?

Getting regular, once a month sessions helps me learn to be able to stay balanced on my own for longer periods of time, helps keep me in touch with my higher self, and it solidifies that I am staying on the right track. My children are doing have improved their relationships, study habits and school performance as well since having them receive balances from Jo Anna.

I would definitely recommend seeing Jo Anna. It has changed my life for the better. It has empowered me and my children, helped me focus on what I really want from my life and helped me get in touch with my Higher Power. I feel like a different person than when I first started seeing her.

Jo Anna, you’re amazing and I am so glad I met you!! Thank you for all you have helped me with.”

Kim K. –  Medford, OR

3. Client Goals: To Feel Confident and at Ease after Giving Birth

Maggie M

Shortly after the birth of my first child I was overwhelmed with intense anxiety and frequent panic attacks. I was terrified that something bad would happen to my newborn, and found it nearly impossible to enjoy motherhood.


Immediately after my first session I felt a sense of calm that I hadn’t experienced since before the birth of my son. Jo Anna also gave me some tools to use when the panicky feelings started to surface, which helped me regain some control over my thoughts. After three sessions I realized that my panic attacks were becoming less frequent. After my fifth session I stopped having panic attacks altogether and felt a major improvement in my anxiety level overall.

Favorite part of a session?

I love how I feel after a session– so peaceful and centered.

Why recommend?

Before seeing Jo Anna, I was truly at one of the lowest points in my life. Medication, something I desperately wanted to avoid, seemed inevitable. Within a few months of working with Jo Anna, I not only felt more balanced and calmer than I had before, but I began to enjoy being a mother– without medication.

Jo Anna has also helped my children when they have had their own early life challenges.

I’m so thankful that I found her and can’t recommend her highly enough!

Maggie M. – Medford, OR

4. Client Goals: To Speak to Groups with Confidence, Enhance Self-Image and Improve Interpersonal Communication Skills

“Initially, I was experiencing fear of being in front of a group. In my life, this has been probably the most debilitating thing that has come out of my being raised dysfunctionally. I was left with this terrible fear that affected all of my conversations.

The most memorable session was when we did that activity where you pulled the stuffed animals out to be the audience and I tried to speak to them and I couldn’t. Then I had the balancing session and, when we did it again after the session, it was masterful. I was amazed at the change!


Now, when speaking to people and groups, I’m more relaxed. Like when I went to my 50th high school reunion – my first one. I felt like I owned the place. Rather than sit in misery keeping my mouth shut, I spoke with whomever I wanted and with most people there. I came away from that with a giant YES! I arrived at the place of I’m OK.”

Favorite part of a session?

The cookies after! It is more than that, it is getting back in balance. I always feel whole when I leave, more like God intended me to be, a whole person functioning fully.

Why recommend?

Because I feel I have gained so much, just a tremendous amount of solidness, centeredness, peacefulness, gratitude and it is so much more than that – words can’t describe. I walk on the earth a different person, like I have been under water a very long time and my head just came out.

I recommend once a month Mind-Body Coaching® sessions because one a month keeps me balanced and on track.

Thank you.”

Don K. – Medford, OR

5. Client Goals: To Stop Uncontrollable Crying, Sleep Peacefully and Feel Confident.

I was referred to Jo Anna initially because of deep sorrow and depression over decades of accumulated grief. My depression medication was not enabling me to manage uncontrollable crying, feeling extremely anxious and feelings of despair, which I had much of the time. I had horrible problems sleeping. I felt a lot of insecurity in my own abilities and intellect.


Although I felt emotional relief very early, as in the first balancing session, it took 2-3 sessions to feel really comfortable and at ease with the process. I have been seeing Jo Anna once every 4 to 6 weeks for over a year now. She has helped me discover many ways to heal and trust myself. I am dealing with my grief and anxiety in a much more positive and constructive way. I feel much more self-confident because she has helped me with self-care techniques and tools that are simple but profoundly effective. My sleep has improved due to her suggestions and format for a nighttime routine for calm and sacred sleep. My uncontrollable crying has ceased and I no longer feel despair. My anxiety is less, and I feel more confident.

Favorite part of a session?

It’s really hard to pick out one favorite part of the sessions. I appreciate the way we start by talking just a bit. Then, I love the prayer that takes me straight to Source, and cleanses me for our work. I am impressed and grateful for the varied modalities and techniques she expertly uses to support me in revealing myself. I love her gentle touch, and the “walk-a-rounds”. I’m fascinated with the muscle checking that tells me what my Higher Self already knows. And I love the way I feel completely safe in her presence, no matter what may show up. I treasure the peace and calm I feel when the session is over, and my renewed sense of personal power.

Why Recommend?

I recommend Jo Anna without hesitation. I find her to be an expert in her field of Mind-Body Coaching®. I have been to many great counselors over 40 years of desiring this kind of help and she is the one who has integrated her vast knowledge and experience into a very unique and refined practice that gets immediate results, as well as long reaching ones. She is the real deal in my book….gentle, knowledgeable, firm, experienced, and most importantly, a safe container for holding all that is unsafe until it is resolved, healed and no longer unsafe. I recommend Jo Anna with no reservations.

Francie P. – Ashland, OR

6. Client Goals: To Feel Empowered in Relationship with Authority and Enhance Self Esteem

Mike F.

I was stuck in some issues about authority figures, specifically taking care of and honoring myself in the face of people who were treating me poorly. Using other techniques did not get me where I needed to go.


I was truly blown away by how quickly, and safely Jo Anna helped find where my mind-body imbalance was, which helped me figure out what was holding me back. I was able to release old patterns and thoughts, and was able to have genuine change and healing.

Through my sessions with Jo Anna, I was able to get to peace. That in turn made other people’s negativity flow past me without affecting me. The more success I gained in this, the more I felt healed. My self-esteem was raised to new levels in my core.

Favorite Part of Session?

Jo Anna made it safe and secure for me, and supported me through the entire process, including gentle caring follow-ups to help facilitate REAL change. Her calm, knowledgeable demeanor was the springboard for me to really heal.

Why Recommend?

Jo Anna, through knowledge, experience, and gentle compassion, was able to get my body and mind to work together. She was able to quickly and scientifically figure out where the blockages were and was able to help me figure out what was going on.

The session was so powerful that I noticed continuing changes for over 6 months. When I am stuck, I schedule a session with Jo Anna.

Mike F. – Oceanside, CA

7. Client Goals: To Live Well with Parkinson’s Disease

LG’s handwriting before first Mind-Body Coaching balance.

Lavona was one of 10, from a group of 35 participants in a one day Brain Gym® introductory seminar in 2007, who chose to receive 10 Mind-Body Coaching® balances over 10 weeks following the seminar.

After her sessions she wrote: “I was a participant in Brain Gym when sessions began for Parkinson patients and their caretakers in the Rogue Valley Manor. The first day, I saw expressions of helplessness and depression. The second day frowns were replaced by smiles. Patients who could not talk the day before began talking. A patient who could not lift his arms without help was lifting his arms by himself…A cheerful feeling filled the room.”

“Parkinson’s had affected my handwriting. I wanted to be able to write larger and more legibly. On that very day my handwriting improved.”


Page 1 of LG’s testimonial letter

From LaVona’s letter: “I have continued Brain Gym with private sessions with Jo Anna. Some of my goals have been as follows:

1. More energy and endurance so I could accomplish more at home
2. More ability to comprehend directions
3. The ability to relax
4. More balance
5. Posture

Following directions is getting easier. My understanding along with my memory is improving. My ability to relax is also getting better. How wonderful that is! Its a real energizer.”

Page 2 of LG’s testimonial letter

“I have progressed in all of the goals above. My endurance and energy level has improved. I am not completely exhausted when the clock shows 12:30pm. Even though I’m slow, I accomplish much more in my home. I also walk, garden and help care for our yard. Doing Brain Gym has enabled me to function much better than I have in the past.”

“My balance has improved. I walk outside up and sown hills. I also climb up and down stairs without problems. Brain Gym exercises help me maintain a balance in strength on both sides of my body…”

Why Recommend?

Page 3 of LG’s testimonial letter.

Closing Paragraph of Lavona’s letter: “I have learned that through our lives we establish patterns of behavior in our brains. These patterns influence our physical and mental health. However the negative behavior patterns can be changed. They can be replaced with positive, healthy patterns that will make our lives healthier, happier and more productive.”