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Mind-Body Coaching® – Adults

1. Client Goals: To Enhance Memory for Test Taking and Regain Personal Power after a Car Accident

“Before my first session I was experiencing memory loss, brain fog, depression, anxiey and a sense of having no personal power.


My car Accident happened 3 weeks before massage school finals. One week before finals after chiropractor sessions my neck still hurt and I had difficulty studying and remembering what was learned for the final exam. In the session, the neck pain went away.

Three weeks later via email: “I’ve graduated with straight A’s. My neck pain has never returned! It is amazing, I have told so many people about it. Thank you so much.”

Since then, my memory has continued to improved and my brain fog is gone. The most amazing difference is my sense of personal power. I feel a sense of self worth and the power to make choices that bring me more happiness in life. My anxiety and depression are gone.
Favorite Part of A Session?

My favorite part of the session is how different I feel at the end than when I started. Jo Anna helps me take all my scattered parts and bring them back together again. She helps me feel whole!

Why Recommend?

Getting regular, once a month sessions helps me learn to be able to stay balanced on my own for longer periods of time, helps keep me in touch with my higher self, and it solidifies that I am staying on the right track. My children are doing have improved their relationships, study habits and school performance as well since having them receive balances from Jo Anna.

I would definitely recommend seeing Jo Anna. It has changed my life for the better. It has empowered me and my children, helped me focus on what I really want from my life and helped me get in touch with my Higher Power. I feel like a different person than when I first started seeing her.

Jo Anna, you’re amazing and I am so glad I met you!! Thank you for all you have helped me with.”

Kim K. –  Medford, OR

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Mind-Body Coaching® – Children & Young People

1. Client Goals: To Overcome Hyperactivity and Learn to Read

6 year-old child’s drawing before as few Mind-Body Coaching balances.

After doing a few Educational Kinesiology® (Edu-K) balances with Matt’s mother, which included repatterning and other activities from Brain Gym®, I was invited to her home to see what I might be able to do to help her six-year-old, Matt. She wanted to take him off Ritalin, which had been prescribed to manage his hyperactivity. More importantly, she wanted him to be reading at grade level when he entered the first grade at the end of the summer. I made no promises and suggested she invest in several balances to see if he would be willing to do some Brain Gym® activities.

What was the Balance Like?

An important factor in getting cooperation from a child, as well as the desired results, is the child’s willingness to be better at something.

Matt wasn’t interested in reading or sitting still. In spite of his taking the Ritalin, I had to follow him around the house and yard to get to know him. Matt was climbing a tree and I was sitting on the grass when I asked him what he thought I was there for. He responded with an “I don’t know” shoulder shrug. I told him I was there to help him grow a more powerful brain. Then I asked him what he would like to be better at. He said, “Gymnastics!” and came down to show me how he did a cartwheel.

As part of our play, I handed him one of his books and asked him to show me how he reads. He looked at a page, put the book down and proceeded to show me some more of his gymnastics. We took turns doing activities. Mine were all Brain Gym® activities and neurodevelopmental movements. Eventually, he was able to do a Three Dimension Repatterning process with my guidance.


6 year-old’s drawing one month after a few Mind-Body Coaching balances

I played with Matt, once a week in the month of May, in much this same way. His mother played with him a few minutes every day as well, doing some of the Brain Gym® activities I taught her — what we in Edu-K call “homeplay”. In a short time, Matt began sitting more comfortably for longer periods of time and sharing daily reading time with his mother as well.

Notice the before and after pictures from his journal. In addition to this remarkable shift from April to June of the same year, the parent reported that she took him off his meds in the summer and never started him back on them. By the time he returned to school he was reading at grade level.

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PB Logo wCommerce OL 2“Jo Anna’s communication strategies helped our company define it’s culture on paper and in a way that can be understood, supported and sustained by team members as we grow. Jo Anna listened carefully, identified our needs and delivered a useful guide complete with resource information to support team members’ personal empowerment and growth…

“Jo Anna delivered energetic, fun, interesting and empowering training sessions to support implementation of the Exceptional Team Member system. Her teaching style focuses on various learning methods so team members attending leave with useful information. Our team members consistently comment that her training sessions are time well spent.

Working with Jo Anna as a partner helped make my dream become a reality.”

–Jeri Reno, EVP and COO

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