Procrastination or Creative Time Management?

hourglass-iconQuote of the Day: “Allowing gratitude to guide you instead of allowing judgement to hinder you will indeed alleviate procrastination and produce results.” Kevin M. Norris

Do you ever beat up on yourself for not getting enough done?

Self-criticism and motivation from shoulds, have-tos and needtos puts even more pressure on you when you have a lot on your plate to begin with.

Stop “shoulding” on yourself!

You really need do nothing. The Me, Inc. CEO consciously chooses what to do next. To the Me, Inc. CEO there is always a choice.

On top of the energy you exert addressing all that arises in your day, your self-talk influences the amount of effort you expend. Spend your energy wisely by choosing your language. Instead of “I have to go to the store”, say “I am going to the store.”

If you are juggling a lot of priorities remember this:

Successful people use the “80/20 rule” when prioritizing — 80% of your results are produced by 20% of your activities.

Before you take action on something:

1. Ask, “Is it important and urgent?” (Is it or will it prevent a crisis?)

2. Ask, “Is it not urgent but important. (Sometimes we cause our own stress by putting off important self-care and planning activities.)

3. Ask, “Is it important but not urgent.” (For example, if a cleaning project is not going to create major maintenance costs, if not dealt with immediately, perhaps it is a desire that can be delayed until a less busy time.)

4. Ask, “Is it not urgent and not important.” (Let it go.)

Self-criticism turns creative time management into a struggle with procrastination.

Affirming, “Just for today I will do two things I don’t want to do, just for the exercise” produces feedback or advances projects.

Focusing on what you have accomplished with gratitude, rather than judging what you haven’t completed, allows gratitude to guide your next steps.

What you focus on creates your results.

If you are truly procrastinating, ask, “What am I avoiding?” by delaying the project, conversation or other issue.

True procrastination is a crossroad moment in which you can choose to Take Your Power“. Being with your feelings with intention to have them resolve (a prayerful space may be all that is needed for most), opens the space for movement to flow, rather than be forced, forward.

Out of your use of awareness comes all that you choose to experience.

It presents you with many crossroads moments where you have two primary options from which to choose: to play out the Projection Dilemma or to Take Your Power—to continue wearing the projector on your head or to surrender it.

Mind-Body Coaching helps you to prioritize effectively, to make choices at crossroads moments and to master your Me, Inc. CEO role.Contact me for a free consult.
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