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Fountain HeadQuote of the Moment: “…the greatest treasure is not what I achieve; it’s who I am becoming.” — Jo Anna Shaw, Design & Live the Life YOU Love

A few weeks ago some of my poetry friends were inspired to participate in an event called 100 Poets for Change”, which was initiated by a not for profit organization of the same name. They had called for poets to read poems focused on peace, justice and sustainability on September 24, 2016.

Not being one who chooses to give a lot of energy to ranting about the challenges we all face — I believe that we get more of what we focus on — and contemplating whether or not I wanted to participate, I went for a walk in the Ashland Lithia Park. While there I sat by the creek listening to the water, birds and critters as well as the movement of humanity around me. Being open inspired this unexpected poem.

Nature Answers My Question About How to Be with the Ups and Downs of this World

The stones in the stream are looking up at me,
one with dark Cheshire cat eyes,
another a sideways glance,
kissed cheek smiling.

Whether underwater or above,
whitewater or easy flows,
always looking up.

I look up to see what they might see.
Tears trickle down my cheek,
a grateful smile follows,
the water flows.

Jo Anna Shaw
August 2016

I was unable to attend the event at the Ashland Public Library, but Liz Robinson volunteered to read my poem. Thank you Liz.

Tip: Always carry a pen and note cards for moments like these or they can easily move through and be forgotten. We align with our Innate Power and wisdom in these moments. I need to write down what I feel or I forget it before I return to my car.

How can you bring more peace and presence to your life?

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