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Mind-Body Coaching®
has been used to address:

Blocks to Success

* Upgrade negative beliefs, self-doubt, anxiety

* Manage emotions when presenting to groups or speaking up in meetings

* Express thoughts verbally or on paper

* Achieve academic, business or relationship goals

Communication Challenges at Work and Home

* Build confidence and self-esteem – resolve fear

* Communicate effectively with difficult personalities

* Listen effectively and understand another’s point of view

* Identify and upgrade unhealthy patterns of communicating

Stress and Anxiety

* Stop feeling like everyone wants a piece of you until there is nothing left for you

* Apply time and people management strategies calmly and peacefully

* Balance home and work activities

* Sustain optimal health under stress

Wellness Issues

* Stick to your commitment of positive self-care

* Identify and correct patterns that cause muscle tension and pain

* Sustain balance in longevity

* Use a natural approach as an alternative to medications (recommend doctor’s consent and monitoring)

How Mind-Body Coaching® is Different and Compliments Your Wellness Program

Underlying these issues can be childhood reflexes, which have either never matured or reemerged because of a current or past illness, accident, trauma or injury. You will find more information about these reflexes on the Children and Young Adults page.

Mind-Body Coaching® is unique because it helps these reflexes mature, so your reptilian and mammalian brains allow your core muscles and all your left and right brain functions to operate optimally.

Life challenges hold clues that enable you to Live in Your Power. Mind-Body Coaching® helps you read the clues within crossroads moments, map new directions and master skills, enabling you to find the clarity and courage to Design and Live the Life You Love.

Contact Jo Anna for a free 30 minute phone or in person consultation. Discuss what you want to achieve and ask questions so, together, you determine if Mind-Body Coaching® would be right for you or someone you know.

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