Mind-Body Coaching

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Your body is your communication device. With it you read, write, speak, move, dream and create in your life. Like your car needs a tune-up or computer needs its cookies cleared to improve performance, tuning up your body gives you greater ability to express your talents and gifts at peak performance levels.Mind-Body Coaching® balances help you tune up your brain and body so you can be and do your best at work, school, home or in community.

Mind-Body Coaching® builds upon ancient and modern disciplines. It is a unique synthesis of dialogue, movement-based learning, neuro-developmental activities, energy work, Brain Gym®, Touch For Health®, Behavioral and Educational Kinesiology®. Participants learn neuro-developmental, self-help activities which can be applied by adults. children and groups to reinforce new skills, ignite creativity, resolve conflicts and overcome obstacles to success.


Receiving a Mind-Body Coaching® balance periodically enables adults to resolve ineffective physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues that keep them from living in their Power. They create or awaken healthy patterns giving adults the ability to act from conscious choice rather than reflex.

Many parents of children with learning and behavior challenges find that they had similar, early-in-life challenges and that a Mind-Body Coaching® balance helps the parents’ brain further mature.

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Children, Tweens and Teens:

Children get the best results when their parents receive a few Mind-Body Coaching Balances® themselves. This way the parent learns what their children will experience and how to assist their children with the recommended “homeplay” (neuro-developmental activities they will do at home). Typically, children achieve results in less than 10 private balances – and many times after just a few balances.

There are many contributing factors to children having learning and behavior challenges. Many of them can be traced to interruptions that kept their brain from maturing within its typical timeline. Some interruptions include: cesarean sections, parental challenges during pregnancy, environmental issues, illness, head injuries, lack of movement after birth and more.

Research has shown that the brain can mature — it can open and grow neural pathways — at any age. It is easiest for children to complete their development because their brain is still young. The earlier you address challenges with seeing, hearing, eye-hand coordination, balance, sensitivity to sound, touch or light, issues with muscle tone, the ability to sit up or still, or the ability to manage emotions, the more you can make a difference in your child’s life.

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What to expect in a Mind-Body Coaching® Balance

Mind-Body Coaching® balances follow a learning model, rather than a diagnostic or medical model. They are solution focused rather than diagnostic, although the underlying challenges are noticeable in the beginning balances. Doing a Mind-Body Coaching® balance gives adults and children a movement-based alternative for a diagnosis that might otherwise recommend medication as a solution.

Balances run approximately 2 hours. They start with a dialogue about your and/or your child’s current challenge(s) and intention for the balance. To expand and deepen awareness of the deeper nature of the challenges(s), a playful exploration of the physical, mental, energetic and emotional pattern follows using movement and muscle checking. Then neuro-developmental and other activities, designed to resolve the pattern, are applied.

Following a balance clients are given “homeplay” — activities that deepen the changes they make in session, which can be easily integrated into a daily routine. In just a few weeks of practicing these activities and new skills following a balance, the brain develops the neurology to support new skills and ways of being. With continued practice, the neural networks meylinate (become permanent) allowing greater and greater skill mastery over time.

Skills coaching in how to help your children or how to more effectively communicate, make a presentation, study or take your next steps are provided at the close of a session – when your mind-body system is functioning optimally. Recommendations are made where additional learning is necessary for mastery of new skills.

Many discover their next steps intuitively after their mind and body are balanced and cooperating.

Phone consults are also provided following sessions as needed at a frequency tailored to you. The first 15 minutes are considered part of the balance.

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