The Me, Inc. CEO

new-3-circleQuote of the Day” “Then I asked: Does a firm persuasion that a thing is so make it so? He replied: All poets believe that it does, and in ages of imagination this firm persuasion removed mountains; but many are not capable of a firm persuasion of anything.” ⎯ William Blake, The Marriage of Heaven and Hell

The Me, Inc. CEO

The concept of a Me, Inc. CEO is an ideal, yet it is not about being perfect all the time. As CEO of Me, Inc., you are like a tall tree with deep roots. You yield with changing winds and become stronger with each returning stillness.

The essence of the Me, Inc. CEO label is that it names, honors and directs how you might optimally express your Innate Power, in your own unique way. You are the authority on where you would like to be, what you desire to do, who you would like be with and how you would like your work-life to unfold.

In moments of experiencing yourself as the ideal Me, Inc. CEO, you will be accepting life on life’s terms and recognizing that you, and others, are a works in progress. In the process of working through crossroads moments, you will strive for understanding and forgiveness, of yourself as well as others, and allow your Me, Inc. CEO ideal to emerge.

Every Me, Inc. CEO brings his or her own personality and communication style to the position. The ideal Me, Inc. CEO acknowledges the limitations inherent in individual communication styles and seeks to develop the qualities of all styles by adapting when interacting with others.

Managing emotions, adapting to different personalities and listening deeply are tools for dealing with difficult situations. When you are grounded in your Me, Inc. CEO position, you will have an easier time applying these tools when under pressure. Refusing to struggle with life, your intention will be to bring out the best in others by bringing your best self to every moment. You will acknowledge differences, proactively communicate and recognize that you and others are mastering your Me, Inc. CEO roles one day at a time.

Me, Inc. CEOs find work-life meaningful because they bring heart, integrity and excellence to their position. They seek to master the skills of their work and know that eighty-five percent of their success comes from their ability to interact effectively with people. As a result, the ideal Me, Inc. CEO emphasizes development of interpersonal and group communication skills, in balance with technical and other skills of their trade.

Me, Inc. CEOs have and follow a plan designed to help them achieve their ideal.”

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