Learn from My Accident

pebble-in-pond-300x240 Quote of the Day: “Like a pebble landing in a pond, the impact begins with our inner world and spreads out to the entire world.” – Julette Millien

Sometimes we let our “responsibilities” have the power to take away our serenity and be in charge of where we put our attention. We may even give value to the voice of the taskmaster over the voice of wisdom.

I did that 4 weeks ago.

I didn’t listen to the voice of wisdom that said, “Stop and rest.” I listened to the taskmaster that said, “One more trip up the ladder.”

On that final trip, I rode it down to my deck, landing on the ladder, breaking my left wrist, spraining my right and creating some pretty severe cuts and bruises on my arms and legs.

Today I am well on the mend, grateful I didn’t injure my head, neck, shoulders, elbows, back or hips, and for the friends that have assisted me through this time. I have spent the better part of the last month in meditation, being still, reflecting on the incident, letting go of judgment and forgiving.

I don’t believe in accidents. Somewhere, at some other time, I dropped a pebble into the ocean of consciousness and this ripple came back. Instead of giving my Power away to being a victim of someone’s choice to keep an old ladder with rubber now too hard to stick to the deck, or to an inner voice bent on proving how much I deserved to be hurt, I used this, like all challenges in my life, as an opportunity to reflect and recommit to living in my Power.

Silence and stillness became doorways to a deeper awareness of patterns that were not serving me. In the quiet of my heart, I joined with my Powers of acceptance, allowance, surrender, gratitude, forgiveness (of myself as well as others) and with the Presence of Love in all. Like mastering any skill, using every day, sometimes every moment to experience this way of being, has enabled me to resolve fears, to understand my part in the incident, to commit to and practice new behaviors and to awaken a deeper level of peace within me.

Now, when I notice physical, mental or emotional discomfort or hear the gentle, non-judgmental and loving voice say, “Stop and rest,” I follow the guidance instead of forcing solutions. When I find myself motivated by shoulds or have-tos, I stop and tune into to my Innate Power, and let peace lead my next steps.

May your lessons enable you to Live in Your Power.


Photo courtesy of Julette Millien.

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