Jo Anna Shaw, MBA

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Mind-Body Coach, Author, Poet

My joy is empowering adults and children to live in their Power and fulfill their purpose. I am continually amazed at how my clients transform beliefs and habits, which can operate outside of their conscious awareness, enabling them to move through challenges with learning, anxiety, self-worth, self-expression and physical activities as well as business, communication and leadership issues.

The foundation of Mind-Body Coaching® is Educational Kinesiology® (Edu-K for short), which was developed by Paul E. Dennison, PH.D. and Gail Dennison in the 1970’s and 80’s. After my twenty-year banking career ended in 1992, I chose to get licensed to teach and facilitate Brain Gym®, which is the developmental movement, self-help part of Edu-K designed for application in the classroom, at home and work. Studying this work enabled me to shift from a risk-adverse banker to being a wise and gifted healer.

I have over 350 hours of training with Paul, Gail and the Brain Gym® faculty. This includes courses in In-depth and Master Level Educational Kinesiology®, Movement Re-education, Movement Dynamics, Double Doodle Drawing, Creative Vision, Visioncircles, Optimal Brain Organization, Deepening Relationships in Community, Family Systems Balancing, Reflex Integration, Language of Movement, Rhythmic Movement and Neurophysiology. I am grateful for Paul and Gail’s dedication to bringing this profound work to the world and for writing the foreword to my book.

From 1993 through 2008, I was licensed to teach Brain Gym®, Visioncircles® and Optimal Brain Organization® for Brain Gym® International. Hundreds of teachers, parents, children and business people benefited from these trainings. In 1996, I was recognized with the “Outstanding Achievement Award” by the Educational Kinesiology Foundation (now named Brain Gym® International) for my contribution regarding the application of Edu-K to adult issues.

From 2008 through 2012, I was a top trainer for Fred Pryor/Career Track®, where I presented communication and leadership skills trainings to approximately 1500 career professionals in the Mid and Western U.S. as well as Alaska and Hawaii. This apparent detour helped me to fund my life during the economic crisis, to bring better communication and leadership coaching to my clients and to find the courage to write and publish “Design and Live the Life You Love: A Guide for Living in Your Power and Fulfilling Your Purpose.”

Over the years, I have continued to facilitate private “balances” and Mind-Body Coaching® introductory programs while evolving my menu of tools so my clients would achieve the results they desire. I have added: Reiki, Transformational Meditation®, Belief Change Work, Touch for Health®, Psychological Kinesiology (Psych-K), Matrix Energetics®, Access Consciousness® and the Emotion Code®. To acknowledge the greater scope of my service, I name it Mind-Body Coaching.

We all have challenges in life. I believe in mining the treasure within these crossroads moments. As a result, I bring a wellspring of compassion and wisdom gained from walking my own path of healing and recovery for more than twenty-five years — a journey through which I found my voice, my life work and an appreciation for what it takes to find and live one’s life purpose.

I’ve lived through many crossroads moments — including achieving the American dream, loosing it and gaining back more than I ever dreamed. Through it all I’ve come to know, it is not so much what you achieve as who you become in life.

I leave you with this poem which may give you a sense of how I walk my talk.

Footsteps of Giants

Footsteps of Giants

I walk in the footsteps of giants

sharing wisdom
saying it is their wisdom
knowing it belongs to no one

some greet it openly
inspired with ah-ha’s
to take action with conviction

some throw up walls
defending old ways

I invite life-long learning
yeses and nos invite me to my own

I let go
become the wisdom

it’s no accident
we show up in the same room

You will find more poetry on my Blog.

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