Is Your Life Inviting You to Wake Up?

Quote of the Moment: “To protect and serve all life is both our mission and our prayer.” Morihei Ueshiba, founder of Aikido

To wake up is to remember who you are as a spiritual being having a human experience. It is embracing life in the grandeur of discovering and expressing your own Unique Potential.

This poem is a reminder for those crossroads moments when you may forget. I wrote it following a recent crossroads moment when I felt stuck in an old pattern of self-judgment and did a Mind-Body Balance on myself to shift my perspective.

What Makes Me Unique in All of Nature

I am me

like a chameleon
I disappear
to please others
and feel
what it’s like
to be
not me

for I don’t think I would
sacrifice my Self
were I

I gain
through contrast
journey life
as a brilliant rainbow
wholly Me

Do you find yourself repeating one or more old patterns? Are your ready to shift into your own Unique Potential?

Contact me for a free phone consult to see if a Mind-Body Coaching Balance will assist you. My intention is to show you how you too can do your own self-balancing.

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  1. Hi JoAnna – Thanks for this lovely poem and such an important message that is too easy to forget. Is the poem available to get tattooed on my forehead? Of course, then I wouldn’t be able to read it. But others would see it. Perhaps I’ll just have to carry it inside me. Thanks, Peter

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    Hi Peter, Thank you the humorous comment on this post. I appreciate that you take the time to leave a message on my blog. Many Blessings, Jo Anna

  3. Although I have never considered myself a poetry person, I love yours! This poem speaks to me personally as I realize increasingly how deeply imbedded self-denying beliefs and habits have become. It seems as if each moment is an opportunity to be fully seen as well as heard (unlike the message I received as a child). So thank you, Jo Anna, for your wisdom so beautifully expressed!

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    Hi Lorna, Thank you for sharing your experience of my poetry. May your noticing be with appreciation for the ability to self-reflect and adjust. Many Blessings, Jo Anna

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