How will you BE in 2013?

Quote of the Day: “…you have within you a deciding force that knows what to receive, what to turn from.” Rumi

In all the universe, who you are and what you do makes a difference.

This is a time of year we look back and look forward. I encourage you to use this time in a way that reaps the best results. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your reflection and intention setting activities.

1. Set the stage.

Create a time when you will be uninterrupted for as long as you need. Make yourself comfortable. Light a candle. Play inspirational music if you prefer. Call forth your Best Self and Divine Guidance or Intuition to assist. Like the Rumi poem excerpt I used as the Quote of the Day above, all the answers you need are within you. Slow down your breathing, focus on your heart, sit quietly and create your intention for this time.

2. Use the LB/NT Technique (Liked Best, Next Time) to reflect on 2012.

The LB/NT technique will help you positively evaluate results and non-judgmentally consider what you want in 2013. 2012 was a year which held great expectations for many. This is the time to resolve feelings about unmet expectations so gratitude and clarity lead you into the New Year.

First, list 3 or more things that you like about how you progressed in 2012, both outwardly and inwardly. For instance, outwardly, I wrote all but the final chapter of my book. Inwardly, I am more happy than I have ever been. The focus is on what you accomplished rather than what you didn’t get done. Pause and take a moment to feel grateful for what you did.

Then, note at least one thing, not more than 3, you want to do differently in 2013. It is easiest to make corrections one behavior at a time. For example, I will be more focused and follow through on priorities.

Appreciate lessons learned. Affirm that you and others did your best. This is an important forgiveness step. Holding resentments or becoming better as a result of experiences influences what you create in the future. Take time to resolve resentments. Do you need to write a note, you may or may not mail, that lets you say what is on your mind and in your heart?

3. Write your goals for 2013. Be specific. Make a collage. You don’t have to be an artist as you can see by mine. When you get your goals out of your head and onto paper, you are more likely to achieve them.

4. Vision how you want to BE.

Too often we measure our success by what we are doing. Whatever we choose to do in life is but a playground for becoming our Best Self.

Can you be kind to and love yourself when you have slipped from your exercise program by the end of January? Can you be patient, with those who are not as thrilled as you about the plans you have for them, let go of your agenda and open to the desires of others so you build deeper intimacy with loved ones? Can you take action to make a difference somewhere, motivated by compassion rather than anger as you do?

Remember, it is not so much what you do as what you become that makes a difference. If you want peace, be peaceful. If you want love, give love. If you want abundance, be abundant is sharing your time, talents and treasures.

May 2013 Bring You Lightness of Being and the Joy of Being Seen for Who You Truely Are?

Happy New Year.

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