How to Attune to Your Power

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How to Attune to Your Power

When I studied the brain and how we learn, I realized that introspection and meditation are physical exercises—sit still, breathe, focus and feel—that wire my brain so I can stop and think, rather than react. Best of all, they could be done at home, on the bus or in a park. Anytime, I could find a quiet place to slow down my breathing, relax and feel my heart. My Power to persuade or accomplish my goals optimized when I took time to consciously attune to my Power every day.

There was a time I was putting in 70-hour workweeks. I was also in an accelerated, evening master’s degree program, raising a stepson and newly elected to the board of a large church that had lost its minister and a third of its congregation. At our first board retreat, the minister who was brought in to facilitate said to us, “If you don’t have time to meditate for a half hour morning and evening, then you need to meditate for an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening.” “Wait a minute!” we objected and he repeated, “If there isn’t time for a half hour, do it for an hour—twice a day.”

Before the retreat, I had been meditating for ten to thirty minutes most days for about six years. Overriding resistance, I set my clock back, got up a half hour earlier and took time in the evening before bed to meditate. It cut into my sleep time but my sleep time was more restful and rejuvenating. Once I got accustomed to the schedule, it was easy to add peaceful moments for reenergizing and refocusing during the day. Six to eight hours of tossing and turning while processing my day in fitful dreams could no longer compete. Meditation is a primary contributor to the inner peace I enjoy today.

In his study, “Meditation—from Neuroscience to Practice”, Dr. Ted Sundin, M.D., shows how people who meditate have decreased anxiety, increased empathy and 37% less office visits for chronic pain. He shows how 80% of hypertensive patients lowered their blood pressure and decreased their medications. His study also demonstrates that 77% of insomnia patients became normal sleepers and 90% reduced or eliminated sleep medications. PMS symptoms were reduced 77%, conception rates in infertile women increased 37% and self-esteem in high school students increased. I encourage you to meditate and observe what it does for you.

An Introspection/Meditation Protocol

1. Sit in a comfortable position or lie down and relax.

2. Slow down the rhythm of your breathing. For example: Breathe in for a count of 4 and out for a count of 8.

This slows down your brain wave patterns from beta to alpha/theta levels and slows down your heart rate.

3. Focus on any one of the following:

* Your breath
* A word or feeling like Love or Peace or a special phrase
* A peaceful image

4. When you notice your mind wander, just breathe, smile and go back to your focus.

5. Keep a note pad handy and write down any thoughts that you are concerned about forgetting.

6. Start doing this morning and evening for a few minutes and work up to 30 minutes each.

7. Before getting up, take a few minutes to be grateful.

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