How to Approach Life – Bow In – A Poem by Jo Anna

Quote of the Moment: “When you bow deeply to the Universe, It bows back.” — O’Sensei, Morehei Ueshiba, Founder of Aikido

This poem is inspired by my spiritual path and practice of Aikido. I became interested in Aikido at a Fred Donaldson Seminar in the 90s when he, an Aikidoist himself, showed us how to use original play in our work with children, youth and teens.

It is my gift to you. Feel free to substitute any location for “the practice mat”. May it inspire and guide you as you enter gatherings with family, friends and associates. With Many Blessings, Jo Anna

Bow In

the practice mat invites
the aikidoka to be
a humble student

to enter
and open

as a soft glow signals
the birth of a new day
and way

or shadows surrender
to the dark void
of night

respectfully bowing in,
aligning with the energy
of the universe

a powerful, peaceful, playful wind
turning, bending and shaping
what enters

so breath
and movement

on the mat — and beyond

Jo Anna Shaw
December 2017

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  1. Thanks for the gift of a lovely poem!
    Dancing with the universe, what a great idea! It’s such a perfect lead.
    Becky 🙂

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