Hearts at Play – A Poem About How One Mother Empowers Her Child

Quote of the Moment: “I would love to live like a river flows / carried by the surprise of its own unfolding.” — John O’Donahue

Hearts at Play

The creek flows like a never-ending exhale
surrendered to the earth’s downhill slope
yielding to stones and banks
that shape and guide it.

Near the stone I rest upon,
a young mother gently places
her son’s bare foot
on the water.

The little one notices me watching
looks at his mom, then his foot,
shakes his head, pulls his leg up
and whines No!

He gazes sideways at me
as loving hands
strap his play shoes
back on.

Downstream wading,
with shoes on,
an older boy attracts
his attention.

He looks at his shoes,
at me,
and to his mother
who smiles and nods.

Into the creek he scoots,
swishing towards the other children,
turns midway and swishes back to
mother’s proud arms and dry towel.

Observant son notices
a dark-haired woman step barefoot
between us into the creek, bend,
cup some water in her hand,

pat it on the back of her neck,
sigh with refreshing coolness then
float up the stairs
as gracefully as she entered.

He reaches downward to the creek,
cups some water, pulls on mom’s collar,
inviting her to bend,
pats water on the back of her neck.

Mother beams like a never-ending exhale
surrenders to multiple wet-hand neck pats
yields and flows like stream-water
with his play.

By: Jo Anna Shaw
September 2017
To “live like a river flows” meditate by one often. If you have a challenge sustaining what you gain there in your relationships, contact me for a Mind-Body® Coaching Balance.

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