Give the Gift of Happiness When the Holidays Bring Out the Worst in People

Quote of the Day: “Happiness: The more you have the more everyone has.” — from The Happy Movie

Give the Gift of Happiness

The holiday season can bring out the best and worst in people. Stressed out customers challenge team members to live by their Me, Inc. Core Values and stressed out team members challenge managers to live by theirs.

Me, Inc. CEOs are happy people because they give their best by listening deeply, paraphrasing and asking questions to clarify and achieve understanding. They are happy to be of service. They do first things first and communicate their priorities with a smile. These activities are driven by core values like, Compassion, Caring and Excellence.

When you feel upset by a customer’s or other team member’s behavior, the negative reaction is often driven by a value you have that has been discounted. For instance, if a confused customer frustrates you, perhaps they didn’t listen well and you value listening. If a team member frustrates you because they don’t pay attention to details, you value accuracy. If they irritate you by going on and on before making a point, you value efficiency.

Instead of being frustrated, your customer or team member is giving you an opportunity to choose a different response. How can you be happy with whatever they throw you way? Begin with a recognizing that no one can make you feel frustrated; it is a choice you make in the moment.

Even if someone’s behavior conflicts with your values, their values are driving them and they also want to be honored. Their values lead them to ask detailed questions, share abundantly and try to take control. They are relying on you to make them happy and may not be aware that their happiness is their responsibility.

In the business world, especially at holiday time, people are focused on juggling a lot of items on their agendas and easily fall into learned habits that fuel conflicts. It is a wonderful time to practice seeing past their behavior to the an Innate Power within them. Smile and acknowledge something good in everyone as a part of your interactions. It will help all parties slow down and be present. When everyone is present, exchanges will go more smoothly and each will leave feeling blessed.

Happiness is a quality that expands as it is shared. It is one way you bring out the best in yourself and others.

As CEO of Me, Inc. you are in charge of your happiness. How does happiness fit into your Mission, Purpose and Values?

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