Give a Gift that Empowers

Quote of the Moment: “…a very accessible and potent toolkit delivered with elegant simplicity that marks real wisdom.” – John Contreras

As you think about what you would like to give this holiday season, consider empowering your friends and family members (20 something and up)  to achieve their full potential.

Give them a copy of my book, Design and Live the Life You Love: A Guide for Living in Your Power and Fulfilling Your Purpose.

Here is what they will receive:

How to:
** Live from their Innate Power and Knowing
** View life situations and people with clear and innocent perception
** Consciously create their desires
** Overcome obstacles to achieving their full potential
** Use energy, affirmations and brain balancing activities for empowerment and healing
** Communicate effectively – a key skill to creating and manifesting 
** Put into action self-reflection and self-correction activities
** Appreciate their life

My inspirational poetry and stories demonstrating real life application of the wisdom is also included.

You can buy it from my secure website. It is in print and e-book versions on Amazon and is also available in bookstores around the world.

Thank you for giving the gift of empowerment. May you consider receiving it as well.

Many Blessings, 
Jo Anna
For personal assistance navigating the path to your or your loved one’s full potential, Mind-Body Coaching balances can help.

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