Dont’ Go Against Your Nature

IMG_1213Quote of the Day: “I want to be the one to follow the sun and trust the heat.” — excerpt from a Kenny Loggins & Blue Sky Riders song “Dream”

Last fall and this winter, I worked closely with my editor to bring my manuscript to readiness for publishing. The big picture edits are complete and we are now in the copy editing phase.

I feel like I have been personally rewritten after many rewrites of my manuscript. Writing this book challenged me to live more deeply the message and tools I shared. Contemplating my next steps continues to invite me to practice what I wrote. Sometimes, I find myself stirred up about what I might do next — publishing options, marketing strategies and my resistance to sharing what I wrote.

This poem captures the guidance I received when my angst arose near the solstice this past year. Since we are still in winter and many of my friends are feeling the urge to do more, I thought I would share it.

May it help you find trust and clarity before jumping into your next steps this year.

don’t go against your nature

fall brings a drying up
a falling away
roots go to sleep
growth and blossoming

for now
let what was created
forget about what’s

what’s next
arises naturally when roots
nurtured in the dark cold ground
and seeds stressed by
wet and frosty days
give way to new sprouts
growth and blossoming

don’t go against your nature

wake up
each day
naked and

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