Choosing is a Physical Ability

Quote of the Moment: “Choice creates awareness, awareness doesn’t create choice.” — From The Ten Keys to Total Freedom by Gary M. Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer

Do you find yourself reacting negatively to certain people or events?

Have you tried to apply communication skills tools, like the ones you will find on the Communication Tag to the right, but are unable to control your emotions or words in the presence of some people or events?

Consciously choosing how to respond to people and events is a way of living in your Power.

In my book, “Design and Live the Life You Love: A Guide for Living in Your Power and Fulfilling Your Purpose” , I introduce you to the Projection Dilemma, the term I have given to when we react to people and events instead of consciously choosing our response as we would when we are living in our Power. This book and many others have additional communication tools.

All self-expression skills require a physical foundation for being able to apply them easily and thoughtfully. In this blog post you will find information about this physical foundation. In future posts, I will address what causes the physical foundation to be unstable and how to assist the body in completing its natural development.

The physical foundation for consciously choosing is created in our early childhood years as our brain is developing and primitive and postural reflexes are active. These reflexes activate the body and contribute to the growth of neural fields. Watch infants. The wiggling you notice happens because their reflexes are very active.

Primitive reflexes are automatic movements initiated by the brain stem without conscious thought during the first six months of life. Those who study child development notice a correlations between the reflexive movement of the head, eyes and wiggly body. Primitive reflexes are a survival mechanism within the body that ensures the baby’s ability to adapt to the world outside the mother’s womb. By six months of age, these reflexes should become “inhibited” or controlled by the higher centers of the brain, provided the baby receives love, nurturing, quality nutrition and freedom to move.

Postural reflexes naturally appear in the first two years signifying higher brain development and a maturing central nervous system. Some of these reflexes initiate rolling over, sitting up and crawling. These developmental movements lay the neurological foundation for effective use of the eyes, ears, coordination of eyes and hands, eyes and feet, for balance and sensing directions and for ease in receiving other sensory input, like touch. Freedom to move and play is essential as our Innate Curiosity reflexively leads us to reach out and play with whatever is in arm’s reach.

Our Fight/Flight/Freeze reflexes, which are both primitive and postural, should remain dormant as we mature, unless there is real danger, like a fire. They are the ones that get activated when we are confronted with stressful situations and find that we react impulsively rather than breathing deeply and consciously choosing our response.

If our reflexes did not fully mature in the first six months of life, we might find it difficult to relax after a stressful day, sleep deeply or respond effectively to others. We may use extra effort for simple tasks, thought processes and physical movements, like reading, responding to questions or learning to dance. Poor balance or coordination, light or sound sensitivity, low self-esteem, difficulty sitting still, poor posture or attention challenges may indicate an incomplete physical foundation.

To effectively “Design and Live the Life You Love”, live in your Power and fulfill your purpose requires that your physical body enable you to connect with your Innate Knowing, which happens most easily when you are rested and peaceful. Mind-Body Coaching helps your body complete its natural development later in life, so reflexive muscle memory yields, allowing you to consciously choose your response to stressful people and situations.

Coming Soon:

Why Reflexes Re-emerge

How to Relax Your Reflexes

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