Are You Plagued with Mental Stress?

Mental StressQuote of the Day: “It is not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it.” — Hans Selye

Do you experience any of the following signs of mental stress?

* Worry or Anxiety
* Need to Rush
* Memory issues
* Trying or using lots of effort, to no avail, to accomplish anything
* Resistance to ideas and feedback
* Running on automatic, not aware of what you say or do

When you have symptoms like these you may also have physical symptoms like:

* Fatigue
* Headaches
* Tight jaw, neck and shoulders
* Anger, Sadness or Fear

How you think about things contributes to mental stress and its physical symptoms.

When you are overly using your left brain, it is like driving a car with a flat tire. It takes extra effort, tears up the tire and can ruin your alignment.

Likewise, when you are not using your intuitive, spacial, emotional right brain qualities, in cooperation with your analytical, sequential, rational left brain functions, you use more effort, deplete your physical body and limit your thinking and communicating potential.

Consider the following if you want to expand your brain pattern, so you access more of a “whole-brain” thinking style.

1. When you are in a high mental state, it is difficult to think yourself into a more balanced thinking/feeling/sensing state. But, with a little movement, you can switch on more of your brain.

2. Gently blink, take a deep breath and relax as you lift your eyes from this page and look to the horizon, while noticing what your peripheral vision reveals. Notice how your thoughts and feelings change. You can consciously choose to adjust how you think and feel that simply.

Some people need more movement than blinking and breathing. If you need more, then blink and breathe while you:

1. Sip some water.
2. Stand and lengthen your calves, like in a runner’s stretch.
3. Twist your spine while sitting in your chair.
4. Carry a notepad and think about the problem you want to solve while taking a walk.

Mental stress is how we avoid or attempt to, consciously or unconsciously, control feeling what is really going on.

1. Take a break and sit or walk while feeling what you are feeling. Connect with your heart and let the feeling go. Forget about your project as you walk and trust that you will bring a fresh perspective when you return.

Mind-Body Coaching sessions help you to focus, concentrate and keep perspective by adjusting the thinking, energetic, emotional and physical patterns you have learned. Contact me for a free consult.

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