A Meditation Protocol

pebble-in-pond-300x240A Meditation Protocol

Epilogue: Since posting this to my blog, I have published my book “Design and Live the Life You Love: A Guide for Living in Your Power and Fulfilling Your Purpose” . In it I go into the physical benefits of meditating.

1. Sit in a comfortable position or lie down. Relax.

2. Slow down the rhythm of your breathing.

For example: Breathe in for a count of 4 and out for a count of 8. Let your hands rest a couple of inches below your navel and feel your belly rise and fall with each breath.This slows down your brain wave cycle, from the thinking level of beta to the relaxed and dreamy alpha/theta levels, and slows down your heart rate.

3. Focus on any one of the following:

Your breath
A word or feeling like love or peace or an uplifting phrase
A peaceful image

4. When you notice thoughts arise, just breathe, smile and go back to your focus.

5. Before getting up, take a few moments to smile and feel grateful.

Having Difficulty Quieting Your Mind?

Even advanced meditators have days when they are challenged to be still with a quiet mind. If you are having difficulty relaxing and letting go of other, “more urgent” priorities in your life, write them down. You are training your mind to focus and be quiet, and this takes practice. Schedule some uninterrupted time and set an alarm. Stay in meditation until you have a few peaceful and silent moments or until the alarm goes off. Then, stretch a bit, affirm yourself for meditating, and go about your day.

Want more Incentive?

Meditating morning and evening, and taking brief breaks during the day, may seem difficult, initially. As you take time anyway, you will find you have less conflict, less need to clean up mistakes and more peace, productivity and efficiency. Initially commit to meditating for five or ten minutes (working up to thirty-minutes), two times a day, for a week or two and notice your results. They will give you the incentive to continue.

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